CAT Generators

Our easy-to-use, dependable portable generators are ready to provide home backup power for any emergency.

CAT portable generators are a good solution for those who want the flexibility to use them for emergency backup power for homes or small offices, and still be able to take them camping or out in the yard to power a DIY project. They’re also ideal for contractors who need to operate multiple tools like drills, saws and air compressors on different job sites.

These aren’t sit-in-your-garage generators. CAT portable generators are meant to be taken out, used and put through their paces. With a simple smart design and that famous CAT ruggedness and durability, it may be the only generator you’ll ever own. Whether you choose the INV2000, RP3600, RP5500, RP6500, RP7500 or RP12000, your CAT series Portable Generator will bring all the power you need anywhere you live, work or play.

  • Class-leading number of power outlets for maximum usability
  • Durable, anticorrosion-treated steel fuel tank with fuel gauge for 11 to 15 hours of run time, depending on model
  • Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) controls voltage output to protect your Valuable tools and appliances

INV2000 - CAT Generator


A portable generator can give you some peace of mind in the face of a devastating storm. You’ll be able to generate power that keeps appliances running and critical items powered up in your home until power returns.

RP3600 - CAT Generator


Perfectly matches for emergency household power backup requirements and very much ideal for small contractor, and remote power needs.

RP5500 - CAT Generator


This isn’t the generator you’ll want to go with if you need something small and stealthy. If you want big power generation and a boatload of features, though, you’ll be satisfied with this offering from CAT.

RP6500 - CAT Generator


Cat’s electric starting makes getting this unit up and running simple and quick. These machines pack a unique combination of good power-generating capacity and versatility that can be of good use for both households emergency power needs, and larger chores needing stand alone power.

RP7500 - CAT Generator


Designed primarily for construction sites, so it comes with an increased level of power generation. Electric starting makes getting this unit in gear simple. Furthermore, safety features like the covered outlets, manual fuel shutoff, and auto tip-over shutoff make for as close to a hassle-free experience as possible.

RP12000 - CAT Generator


This is one heavy-duty portable generator. It is user-friendly and safe enough to use for most household electricity needs, backup power, and tough and powerful enough to withstand rough handling on any job sites.


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